Artist’s book, digital print


Exhibited: Copy Paste, Gallery Photon, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014; Copy Paste, Gallery Photon – Brotfabrik Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2015; Žun Gallery, Nikšić, Montenegro; A Gallery, Nikšić, Montenegro

Calendar is an arist’s book consisting of a collection of twelve digital photographs resembling a calendar in format. The piece was created by way of extrapolation of the Dadaist deconstruction of linguistic syntax to the level of an image. Calendar is based on Hans Arp’s book Dada Poems as well as a series of colour photographs developed from a roll of film found in a Yashica FX-D camera whose owner remains unknown. The artist thus performs a defetishisation of the consumer object and mocks the relationship between notions of the original and the copy by deconstructing its symbolic meaning, both on visual and linguistic levels. The deconstruction of the image that takes place in the Calendar raises questions about the distribution of art works. The dates on the Calendar are replaces by the extreme zooming of bitmap parts of the photographs resembling a QR code. By using digital manipulation, the artist highlights the perception of time as a quantitative and qualitative phenomenon; measurable both as a quantity and as a currency and thereby subverts the consumer system that reduces any form of distribution to the process of endless reproduction without original. Aside from the digitally transformed photographs, the Calendar artist’s book also includes the original negatives in order to enable future owners of the work to make further manipulations. 

[photo: Jasna Jernejšek]