Site-specific installation

Exhibited: Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012; Gallery of the Labour Center Hrastnik – Festival Rdeči revirji, Hrastnik, Slovenia, 2013; Gallery KIBela/Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia, 2015

Holly Anger is a grand scale print, exibited as a wallpaper. Image used on the ambient set is the image of ruined industrial infrastructure in ex-Yugoslavia, from my home town of Nikšić, Montenegro – the country which i left to live and work in Slovenia. On the wall I mounted a shelf and upon it I placed labour indetification books, from various periods, corresponding to various political and social systems, which defined social and workers’ life in Slovenia. The idea of the object on the shelf named Calendar was to take images from ruined industries, factories, pop-up culture/marketing icons in relation to our homelands, Montenegro and Slovenia. The images showing the ex-factories in operation, images of workers, architecture of now ruined infrastructure. The installation can be read as a re-thinking of the absurd conflict, naked life, micro-slaves, cutural object and political subject in an empty space within the turbocapitalistic artwork.

Photo: DK, Jasna Jernejšek

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