Exhibition and performative event

7th Triennial of Contemporary Arts in Slovenia, Studio 6 of the SCCA-Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts with Artists Association OFFTIR, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013

Liminale is a transitory state, showing the process of OFFTIR’s operation through a multifaceted intervention. Hosting Liminale, the Studio 6 curatorial program’s team wanted to explore the ways in which younger-generation artists connect and form new collectives in order to create alternative working conditions and, more broadly, question the significance and role of oneself and one’s work in present-day society. ButLiminale expanded beyond the initial meaning and physical framework. The installation in the SCCA Project Room and the space between the building and the museum square thus links physically separate spaces (OFF, TIR, SCCA Project Room) and invites viewers into a space that is neither here nor there, and therefore forms an experience of intermediacy. Members and associates of OFFTIR, Society for Sonic and Visual Art, completely transformed the SCCA Project Room, building up variations of meanings and playing with our perception, at the levels of both form and content.

liminale0liminale1liminale2liminale3liminale4liminale5liminale6liminale7liminale8Photo: Matija Pavlovec, with permission of Modern Gallery, Ljubljana