Authors: Vid A. Batista, Lenka Đorojević, Brina Ivanetič, Neža Jurman, Gal Košnik, Adrijan Praznik, Jelena Sokić, Matej Stupica, Staš Vrenko

KUD France Prešeren Gallery, Ljubljana, 2012

Škart Kafe Art was a site-specific installation in a café based gallery. The intervention in the space of the gallery was made by using cardboard boxes, which dictated the tempo of the exhibition, its context and content. The room was transformed into an archive room, where paintings and prints were numerated and placed in boxes. The sound, coming from the walls, was a recorded voice from a lottery show, counting up the winning numbers.

skart_15 kopijaskart_25 kopijaIMG_7312skart1

Photo: DK